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Inclusive Leadership for Emerging Leaders and Managers

26/06/2019 9:00 am
27/06/2019 5:30 pm
2 Days
Institut Pengurusan Malaysia, Unit T1-L16-1, Level 16, Tower 1, PJ 33 No. 3, Jalan Professor Khoo Kay Kim, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia   View map
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Inclusive Leadership for Emerging Leaders and Managers


The world has seen some great leaders, from those who conquered and ruled by brute force to those who saved the world by compassion and charisma. We have had autocratic leaders, democratic, laissez- faire, trendsetters, servant leaders just to name a few. In more modern times we saw transformational leaders, situational leaders and combinations of all those above. But as the world is becoming more dynamic by the very nature of man’s desire to be better than the previous generations, leadership is no longer a style or a mere theory in textbook. Nor is it something that can be simply copied by watching others.

To become a naturally engaging leader of real significance, one must start from within. That creates originality. And anything original has YOU (your own uniqueness) in it. Inclusive Leadership provides a profound leadership journey for exploring and emerging the modern- day leader, hidden within YOU.



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