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Managing Difficult Behaviours using NLP

15/05/2019 9:00 am
16/05/2019 5:30 pm
2 Days
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Managing Difficult Behaviours using NLP


We have all sometime or other face people who are so prickly and difficult that no one wants to handle them. In most situations, walking away is an option, and you escape with no more than ruffled feathers. But some situations are inescapable. You can wait until the thorny personality is gone and moan “She’s just impossible” to others. Far better, though, is to begin to develop skills in practical psychology to deal with them effectively.

Imagine how irritating or annoying it can be for you, if you just can’t stop thinking about a problem with a complainant at work- be it a dominant coercive boss or customer, a subversive coworker, a problematic person or anyone that you just feel a pain to deal with. At this stage, you must realize and be aware that you can take full control of the situation.

This programme is designed to explore what feeds these kinds of damaging behaviors and programmes in the mind and ways to address these situations; especially in controlling our very own emotions using a proven science call NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology).



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