MIM Direct

‘The very latest management and leadership resources at your fingertips’

MIM has recently launched a new, best-in-class, desktop management resource portal for the benefit of its Members. Named ‘MIM Direct’, the portal is a one-stop-shop for all the very latest in leadership and management thinking under the sun.

Provided in collaboration with strategic partners Chartered Managed Institute and Siemens Malaysia, MIM Direct is now part of the standard benefits package for all full members of the Institute (Ordinary Category and above). Corporate Members receive multiple logins based on company size.

Packed with leader videos, check lists, e-books, journals, interactive scenarios, templates and more, MIM Direct quite simply a must-have tool for anyone interested in up their professional, management career. Interested to know more? Read on…

Q1. Why MIM Direct?
A. It’s simple! With MIM Direct you can stay abreast of all the latest developments in management and leadership thinking by gaining exclusive access a vast array of management and self-development tools and resources.

Q2. What kind of things can it help with?
In lots of ways! Are you looking for a new way to increase team productivity? Or need a hand with developing a strategic plan? You might simply be looking for tips on how to network. With MIM Direct you’re just a click away from info on whatever’s top of your agenda right now.

Q3. What resources does it contain?
Far too many to list here!  MIM Direct provides access to literally thousands of online resources, including videos, checklists, e-learning and publications. The portal can also create structured learning journeys to address specific challenges and link study resources to company initiatives.

Q4. Is it portable?
A. Yes! MIM Direct is a 24/7 resource accessible from any internet-enabled PC, tablet or mobile device.

Q5. How do I access MIM Direct?
A.  All Ordinary Members and above (Corporate and Individual) should have received their log-in details. In case of questions, kindly contact Membership Services at: 03 7711 2888 / membership@mim.org.my (Mr. Aizad).

Q6. What if I’m not a MIM member?
A. Several options are available, including upgrading your status. To learn more, contact the Membership Team today at 03 7711 2888 / membership@mim.org.my (Mr. Aizad)

Q7. How do I join MIM?
A. To start benefiting from MIM Direct, as well as the Institute’s many other offerings, contact the Membership Team today at 03 7711 2888 / membership@mim.org.my (Ms. Nisha)

Watch a short video about the many benefits of MIM Direct (branded ManagementDirect in the UK) and start unlocking your true management potential!