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  • Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • EQ Management for Success
  • Thinking Outside The Box
  • Write It Right, Say It Correctly
  • Organising Your Ideas for Work Improvement
  • Delivering Powerful Presentations Including NLP Tips for Results
  • Effective Business Writing Skills
  • Excellent Communication With NLP
  • Dealing Confidently
  • Enhancing Analytical & Creative Thinking Skills
  • Developing Positive Habits at the Workplace
  • Strategic Negotiation for Effective Results
  • Time Management & Personal Effectiveness
  • Dynamic Personal Development 
  • Results Driven Communication & Influencing Skills
  • Manage Your Meetings and Write Effective Minutes
  • Dealing Confidently With Difficult People at Work
  • Essential Managerial Skills for New Managers
  • Engage and Energise Yourself at Work
  • Personal Success & Leadership Programme – Creating A Success Mindset and Alignment Within The Organisation 
  • Presenting With Impact & Purpose
  • Report Writing For Business & Professional Purposes
  • Enhancing Analytical & Creative Thinking Skills

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  • Building Strong  Management Skills
  • Towards Supervisory Excellence
  • Developing Effective Managerial Skills
  • Essential Managerial Skills for New Managers
  • Assertiveness Skills For Management Leaders  (Leading The 21st Century Workforce for Results)
  • Advanced Leadership Skills 
  • Effective Middle Management
  • Towards Supervisory 
  • Progressive Managerial  and Leadership Skills 
  • Advanced Leadership Skills (Inspiring, Leading and Managing Organisations Towards Peak Performance) 

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  • Job Of General Manager (JOGM) V2.0
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning & Implementation
  • Successful Project Management
  • How To Enhance Customer Service and Retention
  • Key Account Management – Growing Your Business Against Competition
  • Project Management For Beginners
  • Mastering Customer Service Excellence 
  • Customer Service “Above and Beyond”
  • Art of Selling – How To Sell The SMART Way!
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning & Implementation
  • Enhancing Administrative Skills at the Workplace 
  • Power Negotiation Using Psychological Tools
  • Finance For Non-Finance Managers
  • Strategic Marketing For Competitive Success

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