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Tun M to launch Life-Changing Conversations on Leadership

Tun M to launch Life-Changing Conversations on Leadership

Press Conference- The Inaugural Dr Mahathir Mohamad Leadership Series. 

President of The Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) YABhg Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar flanked by (Left) YBhg Dato’ Ng Tieh Chuan, Chairman of MIM and (Right)  Mr Sivanganam Rajaretnan CEO MIM.

The Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) will launch the Inagural Dr Mahathir Mohamad Leadership series on 19 December, its President, YABhg Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar, announced to members of the media at a recently held press conference.

The event is the first in a series of lectures that will bring together distinguished national and international personalities from government, industry, education and civil society to share ideas and insights and spark fresh thinking on global challenges and nation-building.

“We recognise that the world is changing at an incredible speed and the old models of leadership no longer apply. Given the magnitude, pace and complexity of change, MIM is committed to providing thought-leadership around some of the most topical and crucial issues affecting us today,” Tun Hanif said.

“We are delighted that the Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has agreed to officiate the event and deliver the keynote address.

“MIM deeply cherishes Tun Mahathir’s long association with the Institute as our Honorary Fellow. His wise leadership, dynamism and foresight have been a tremendous source of inspiration for all Malaysians. MIM believes there is a great opportunity now to ensure the emergence of a generation of talented leaders to guide the country’s progress and spur economic growth and shared prosperity,” he added.

Building leadership capabilities

For over 50 years, MIM has been helping people become better managers and leaders. The Institute has explored various approaches to boost knowledge and expertise and build leadership qualities that will be current and relevant to public and private sector needs.

The Dr Mahathir Mohamad Leadership Series is another step forward in its efforts to help raise the quality of leadership in Malaysia and the region. It offers an invaluable opportunity to engage in life-changing conversations with some of the most sought-after and forward-thinking leaders in the world.

The programme will be a unique platform to encourage interaction and incubate strategies and solutions in a candid, open and constructive environment.

“MIM currently holds the President and Secretariat Office of the Asian Association of Management Organisations (AAMO). This will give us the opportunity to extend this leadership series to the management fraternity in the region,” Tun Hanif said.

For more information on the event, please email or call +603 7711 2888 (Membership Department).

About the Malaysian Institute of Management
The Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) was established in 1966. This national management organisation is an independent, non-political and not-for-profit body and a full member of the Asian Association of Management Organisations.

Since its inception, MIM has led the way in shaping Malaysia’s management and leadership development capabilities through its innovative programmes and approaches. We also engage in strategic partnerships with a broad spectrum of local and international organisations, providing customised learning solutions to meet their people development needs in a highly complex and interconnected global environment.

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