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For over 5 decades, MIM has raised the standards and best practices of leadership and management by nurturing managers and leaders in the public and private sector through professional education and networking opportunities.

We help companies and individuals stay ahead in a world of disruptions by embracing change.

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Through Our Relevant Service Offerings, we enable a platform forUpskilling,  Thought Provoking  & Engaging Discourses and a  Community of Life-Long Learners withIllustrious and Experts from the private and public sector
Raise standards, best practices and capabilities of Managers and Leaders to be: Competent, Competitive and Contribute Towards Nation Building
Nurturing Managers and Leaders Through Time

Our purpose

We Nurture Managers and Leaders Through Time.

By raising the standards, best practices and capabilities of Managers and Leaders to be Competent, Competitive, and Contribute towards nation building.

Through our relevant service offerings, we enable a platform for upskilling, thought provoking and engaging discourses and a community of life-long learners with illustrious and experts from the private and public sector.

Our history

MIM has been at the forefront of executive education in the country for decades. Over the years, we have championed management and leadership best practices and upskilling of the nation’s workforce to a higher standard.

Explore over half a century of our legacy


Inaugurated as a voluntary society


MIM became an official affiliate to AAMO


Launched the 1st Tunku Abdul Rahman Lecture series


Incorporated as a company by limited guarantee and launched MIM’s Diploma in Management


First batch of DIPM graduated


Launched the 1st Degree course in Business Administration with University of Bath


Launched the Tun Razak Youth Leadership Award (TRYLA)


Established secretariat office of the regional AAMO at MIM


Launched the Tun Hussein Onn Renewal Awards (THORA)


MIM Education Sdn Bhd incorporated as a wholly subsidiary to develiver
management, education, and training activities


The Raja Mohar Life Enrichment Awards (RAMLEA) was launched


Celebrated MIM’s 40th Anniversary


MIM hosted the National Talent Summit


MIM organised the National Transformation Summit


Hosted the Asian Management Conference and Exhibition


MIM’s 50th Royal Gala Dinner


Organised the inaugural Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Leadership Series


Launched the 1st MIM Learning Insights, E-Management Magazine, and the Digital Learning Asia 2020 Report


Launched our flagship programme , Certified Professional Manager and Leader
The Malaysian Institute of Management:
Provides an open, constructive, platform for the incubation of great ideas, exchange of dialogue, and sharing of good business practices
Acts as a bridge for better collaboration and networking between private and public sectors.
Enhances the quality of professional management through mentorship, knowledge transfer and insider industry insights.
Provides an empowering camaraderie and inclusive environment which is independent, non-political, and not-for-profit.
Shares our expertise & insights with other global management organisations through meaningful partnerships.

The year in review

Get to know MIM on a deeper level by immersing in our year-round activities and the leadership personalities behind our brand in our Annual Report.
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