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Designed to empower learners on navigating the ever-changing business landscape.

High-quality content covering in-demand skills and knowledge, international and locally certified instructors with industry experience, and a global network of ambitious management talents.

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Northern Region Short Courses

Whether you’re new to professional learning or looking for a short refresher, choose from our line-up of short courses, with the latest industry insights.


The Art of Negotiation
& Influencing Skills
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Finance for Non-Finance
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Communication Skills
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Creating Memorable
Customer Experience
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Train the
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Giving Feedback
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Effective Supervisory
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Facilitation Skills
for People Engagement
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Develop & Implement
Training Needs Analysis
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Leadership and
Managerial Skills
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Creative & Innovative
Thinking Skills
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Results Driven
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Results Oriented
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Fundalmentals of Project Management
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More Programmes...

Online Programmes

1. MIM-ALA Skillbites
2. Communicating with Clarity
3. First Time Managers
4. Leading Through Uncertain Times
5. Managing Virtual Teams
6. Turning Risks into Opportunities
7. The Art Of Virtual Selling
8. Advanced Leadership Simulations

Emotional Intelligence

1. Leading With Emotional Intelligence
2. Emotional Intelligence For Sales Professionals

Training, Facilitation and Coaching Programmes

1. Train The Trainer
2. Training Effectiveness & Evaluation
3. Facilitation Skills

ESG Programmes

The programme will highlight the role of the Management and Directors in shaping a company’s sustainability culture, as well as instilling the necessary knowledge to ask the right questions. They will also be equipped with a good grasp of the current sustainability trends and its implications on companies.

Women's Development Programme

Discover The Steel In Your Spine
This program is designed to help elevate the impact of women by enabling them to navigate the business landscape, the social challenges, develop and leverage their talents, and step into roles of greater influence.

Psychological Well-Being Programme

Cultivating joy and psychological well-being in the workplace using the PERMA Model.
P - Positive Emotions
E - Engagement
R - Positive Relationship
M - Meaning
A - Accomplishment
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Leadership Development Solutions, Designed With the Future in Mind

Our industry forward approach blends in the latest technology and trends in leadership development with intuitive learning tools to maximise every talent’s learning experience.
Industry Visits
Capstone Project
Gamification & Simulation
Assessment & Profiling Tools
Expert Talks

Your Trusted Partner for Growth in Management and Leadership

Over five decades, MIM has elevated the quality of management leadership in the country’s public and private sectors through professional education.

We help companies and individuals stay ahead in a world of disruptions by embracing change.

Nurturing Managers and Leaders Through Time

A programme from MIM exposes you to invaluable industry insights, on-demand emotional management and leadership skills that propel effectiveness and business value to your organization.

Enter the league of impactful and influential nation builders. Be part of our growing regional network of private and public management talents.
Why Study with MIM

Why Study with MIM?

Delivered by an institute that has 55 years of success stories in contributing towards the nation’s iconic leaders.
The content is curated for local relevance while providing global flavour leveraging an international framework and syllabus trial and tested with periodic updates.
Experiential learning with direct work application through structured and governed assessments.
Supported by an AI driven digital platform enabling learners access anytime, anywhere with learning performance dashboards.
The learners will continue develop through premier membership of MIM as well as the community of practice.
The Learning facilitators have an average of 30 years of combined industry and training experience.
Qualification body.