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Today, more than ever, we need to meet change with resilience. Our executive education programmes are cutting edge to empower you to thrive in evolving landscapes. MIM programmes are affiliated with international organizations to encompass an innovative and world-class approach.

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Train The Trainer
This 5-day comprehensive learner centered dynamic and yet practical Train-The-Trainer (TTT) HRDCORP Certification Programme workshop is specifically designed to offer the participants a distinct advantage in terms of professionalism in designing, delivering and evaluating training programmes. Participants will have the opportunity to gain the essential skills, practical tools
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MIM Certified Professional Coach (MIM-CPC)
Enhance Your Leadership Competencies and Coaching Masteries with MIM-CPC Programme. Be solution focused and increase accountability and ownership. Nurture coaching conversation and support people development. Facilitate culture change. Enhance Your Leadership Competencies and Coaching Masteries with MIM-CPC Programme for action
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MIM-Genos Professional Certificate In Coaching
Emotional intelligence offers big benefits to the organization and the workforce. Develop Coaching Competencies with Applied Emotional Intelligence with simple to understand and constant opportunities to apply at workplace.
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Diploma In Corporate Governance And Compliance
This programme offers a comprehensive and robust framework for professional governance, compliance and anti-corruption compliance to enhance the standards of best practices to help organisations face current and future governance, compliance and anti-corruption challenges.
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Certificate In Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance is becoming increasingly important across all sectors, large or small, private or public. This programme offers an in-depth knowledge and sound understanding of governance related subject matter to enhance standards of best practice.
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Certificate In Compliance
Faced with increasingly regulated environment, this programme offers insights into good compliance practices and the skills to lead effective compliance programmes that supports ethical conduct and commitment to compliance.
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Certificate In Anti-Corruption Compliance
This programme offers a comprehensive and robust framework for anti-corruption compliance to enhance the standards of best practice helping organisations face current and future corruption challenges.
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Certified Professional Manager and Leader Programme
Manage and inspire high performing teams that deliver results against organizational targets and produce a Capstone Project on a real business case from your organization to put their learnings into action at work on Monday morning.
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B2B Digital Marketing
The Malaysian Institute of Management’s Certificate in B2B Digital Marketing offers learners the opportunity to build a scalable and sustainable lead generation machine for their organisation to thrive in any business environment.
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Participant Juliet Chong, Head of Business at Berjaya Books found the modules covered in this programme to be well thought out, practical and useful in her line of work. She also found our MIM Digital platform, where she was provided with additional learning resources, to be user-friendly
Juliet Chong
Head of Business
Edward Lee Shin Foong, Education Consultant and Freelance Digital Marketer found the course content and learning sessions to be well presented and found the trainers to be hands-on in ensuring learners understood the technical skills required from the course
Edward Lee Shin Foong
Education Consultant & Freelance Digital Marketer
Customised to tackle unique challenges in your organisation, achieve long-term impact with our bespoke talent development programmes
Emerging Leaders
For the ambitious young executives looking to gain a competitive edge through emotional intelligence & management skills
For Mid-level managers looking to raise team effectiveness and coordination with greater sustainability, achieving long-term impact and growth
Senior Leadership
Strategic big-picture leadership with real solutions. For Senior-level leaders inspired to nurture a meaningful and productive work culture, leading through an era of disruption with confidence and agility.

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Puspakom Sdn. Bhd.

“Very effective training. I especially liked the use of real-life case studies that clearly illustrate and explain the learning each step along the way.”
Faizal Mohd Nordin
Senior Manager Puspakom Sdn Bhd
Faizal enrolled in the Assertiveness Skills for Management Leaders - Leading People for Results course. Explore the course course selection or read more testimonials from our members and participants