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You have always been the center of our purpose, "Nurturing Managers and Leaders Through time". Designed to empower learners on navigating the ever-changing business landscape.

High-quality content covering in demand skills and knowledge, international and locally certified instructors with industry experience, and a regional network of ambitious management talent and practitioners.

Join our accredited, in demand programmes and get to know why we are the nation’s top choice for cutting-edge professional learning.
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2023 Short Course Packages & Catalogue

Get Ahead of the Curve

Raise your competitive edge for success with industry-forward certification programmes tailored for an ever-changing world.

Sculpt business resilience by elevating management skills and expertise to embrace the challenges of tomorrow, today.

Explore our internationally-recognised certification programmes to take your team to the next level.

Intuitive Learning Tools

Skills-based Collaboration
Work-place Application
Social Learning

Be Future Ready with Customized Learning

Moving organisations closer to their business goals. Elevating talents by bridging skills and market demand. Uniquely customised to your organisational or professional needs. 

Embolden your team output with our customized and curated learning programmes. 

We work closely with industry experts to design a learning solution that makes an impact on your organisational growth.
Sample Customized Learning Journey
Very effective training. I especially liked the use of real-life case studies that clearly illustrate and explain the learning each step along the way.
Faizal Mohd Nordin
Senior Manager Puspakom Sdn Bhd
Faizal enrolled in the Assertiveness Skills for Management Leaders - Leading People for Results programme.

Bespoke Solutions, Diverse Insights

Customised to tackle unique challenges in your organisation, achieve bespoke talent development solutions  

Advanced features for effective learning

Our bespoke solutions are designed based on the latest innovations in industry leadership development
Expert Talks
Gamification & Simulation
Industry Visits

Their Story

Delivered by an institute that has 56 years of success stories in contributing towards the nation’s iconic leaders.

International Business

Elevating future nation builders. Elevating public service excellence.

With a regional presence that spans over 19 countries and further enhanced by our global partners, we have years of proven success stories in professional education and niche consultation projects. We continue our efforts to grow in the region and are committed to elevating experience that is delivered to our customers.

Our overseas leadership and talent management modules:
Organisational Excellence and Leadership Driving World-Class Excellence
Taxation and International Auditing Essentials
Enterprise Architecture Principals

Customise Your Learning

Uniquely Customised Learning to Reflect Your Organisation’s Challenges and Opportunities.
We work closely with industry experts to design a learning solution that makes an impact on your organisational growth.
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Learn on the Go with MIM Digital

Upskill your workforce virtually supported by our very own learning management system. 

Flexible Learning. Anywhere. Anytime. 

Be on the journey together with your talents with our cutting edge learning management system, AI driven with robust reporting.